Begin Your Financial Plan

Red Oak Wealth Management uses a holistic approach to financial planning and investing strategies.

Before diving deep into a client's world, we ask for them to take 5-10 minutes to examine their current financial situation and assess their risk tolerance levels for possible future investing.

MoneyGuide will give us an insight into your financial world and help provide us with a broader understanding of your lifestyle, necessities, and goals. Riskalyze will determine your risk score for investing purposes.

Of course, as useful as these tools are, please keep in mind their pupose is only to simplify the start of the conversation. Red Oak advisors will only use this information as a starting point as nothing can be concluded without a further, more thorough examination. Furthermore, we invite you to utilize these resources with zero-commitment.

Select MoneyGuide to enter our initial planning system.

Select Riskalyze to determine your risk profile.

Select Red Oak 360 for registered eMoney users.