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What can I expect?

Step #1 - Schedule Free Initial Consultation

The first step is to have a brief 30-minute call to understand your needs and determine whether we are able to serve your needs. We review our approach, services, investment philosophy, and fee structure.  

Step #2 - Discovery Meeting

This meeting is where we start to gather all the relevant information with respect to family, assets, debt, employee benefits, restricted stock units (RSU), insurance policies, real estate, retirement accounts, estate plan, etc. We ask about your financial objectives and try to gain a better understanding of what is important to you.

Step #3 - Plan Development

After we program your world into our planning system, we factcheck the data for accuracy and discuss potential scenarios that may be coming up in the future such as a large purchase, college tuition payment, retirement, change of employment, etc.

Step #4 - Plan Recommendations

After we have a complete picture of your world, we provide a deep analysis of your current situation along with any potential scenarios that were brought up during the previous meeting. We identify and review the risks and opportunities in your world and make our final recommendations to address those risks and opportunities.

Step #5 - Implementation

We begin to implement our recommendations by opening accounts, collaborating with other financial professionals (CPA, attorney, etc), applying for insurance, and everything else that is necessary to implement your plan. 

Schedule Initial Consultation

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